Can't open .glyphs file

Glyphs app crushed when I tried to open the specific glyphs file.
Other glyphs file is fine to open.
please tell me how can I fix it.

I’ll sent an email with the file to support[at] .

What version of Glyphs do you have? Can you try the latest beta version. You can get it by activating “Show Cutting Edge versions” in Preferences > Update.

Thanks a lot, Georg!

I was using Glyphs 2.3, so I updated latest Cutting Edge version 2.3.1(909) and tried to open the file in question, but I could’t open the file, too.
it appeared dialog “Glyphs が予期しない理由で終了しました。”. (It means “Glyphs closed by unexpected reason”, I use Glyphs in Japanese environment.)

But, after that, I SOLVED, by turn off a check “Preferences > User settings > Disable Localization” , then I could open the file successfully!!
I deleted some custom parameters about localization in “font info” and saved file, after that I could open the file finely in Japanese Environment .

Problems were solved, thanks!