Can't preview text in edit mode

The preview panel at the bottom of the glyph editing window. It isn’t showing up for me. If I start a new tab that area is collapsed, no matter what I type. I’ve tried restarting the app with no improvement. I can see text in that panel if I open fonts that have tabs that didn’t get closed in a previous session. Is this a known issue? I’m using version 2.6.2 (1247)

Now it seems to be showing again, with exception of the the tabs that are already open. I don’t know what made the difference, or if my description of the issue is even making sense.

And clicking the Eye icon is not bringing the preview back? Can you post a screenshot?

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Yes. Thank you. That worked. I must have clicked the eye by accident when working with features. I haven’t ever needed to hide the preview before, so I didn’t know that was the function of eye icon. Thanks!