Can't rename a glyph

possible bug report, maybe. I created two new glyphs, and noticed the spelling was incorrect, and corrected it in both font view and edit view. when I clicked away from the textarea, the glyph name reverted to the original incorrect spelling.

also tried deleting the incorrectly named glyphs and re-adding them with corrrect names. they appeared with the same incorrect spelling.

not sure if this is a bug, or if I’m doing something wrong; thought I should post it just in case.

this is running 10.8.3 and glyphs 1.3.19 (485) from the app store.

guillemet is the nice name for guillemot. guillemet is the correct spelling for »«, guillemot is a bird. The wrong spelling slipped into the definition of an encoding many years ago, and for compatibility reasons, the name will change back to the legacy misspelling in the exported OTF.

THAT explains it. thank you. felt like I was missing some massive point of reference I should know about, and there it is.

the reason I thought it was my misspelling was: when I added .case to the font and asked it to autogenerate, guillemotleft didn’t automatically correspond to

(should it? I assumed it would, but is that a correct assumption?)

Forget about guillemot; guillemetleft will correspond to

snicker thanks.

I now see why I’m seeing this error: the font in question was begun in FLstudio a hundred thousand years ago.

upon creating a new document in glyphs, I see that it’s spelled correctly.

select the /guillemotleft and run Font > Update Glyph Info.

perfect. thanks, georg.

may it be possible the case-feature wouldnt recognize the glyphs ‘’ and right automatically? … had to add them manually.

Ah, ok gotta change guillemotleft to guillemetleft, then it will be recognized. Makes sense. :slight_smile: