Can't see the x-Height

Hello, For some reason I can not see the x-Height. I can see all the other Metrics tho. Any idea how can I see the x-Height line?

Thank you.

What glyph are you in? It is probably a uppercase letter. There the x-height is hidden.

Glyphs 3.0.1 (3039). Yes, it is an uppercase letter. I wish there was an option for the user to see the x-Height also in Uppercase letters. It’s useful for the design process. Thank you Georg.

Check this thread: Glyphs 3 - Metrics View

Brilliant. Thank you!

How is it useful for you. I’m more confused by it.

I guess it’s something that I’m used to have while working with RF. Without it it looks like something is missing . But I totally get why you would like to eliminate it while working with uppercase letters.

You can add a custom metrics or guide (even if I’m not recommend it). Or you type a lowercase letter next to your uppercase if you need a reference.