Can't seem to export my pixel font

I’ve made a pixel font with a square component and the font exported fine with no problems, then I changed the square to a circle, double the size of the previous square, so this has created some overlapping in the letters, which is what I want, and the shape of the font is exacly how I want it but when I export it it just runs forever without exporting anything (probably because of too many overlapping shapes?).

I was wondering if I could do anything about this.

Removing overlaps between two contours is rather complex and processor-intensive. If you have many overlaps, and perhaps even overlaps overlapping other overlaps (which I assume is the case here), it can take very long.

Hmm yea it’s definitely the case. Is there any way I could merge all the shapes together, or maybe export to illustrator to do that and then re-import the letters in glyphs?

It shouldn’t be the remove overlap but the subroutinisation done by makeOTF. You disable it with a custom parameter in the instances.