Can't switch input method in the search field

I can’t switch to chinese input method in the search field (right bottom of the main window).
System 10.11.1 / Glyphs Version 2.1.1 (819)

Some text field only accept Latin text input. Search field is one of them. Why do you want to type Chinese?

Toshi is right. Glyph names and regular expressions must be ASCII, so only Latin inputs work there anyway.

I design Chinese typeface in Glyphs. Using the sample characters, I can construct new characters in the same style with common components. For example, The basic step for designing 婷 is selecting 女 from character 姨, selecting 亭 from 聤, and then combining them. You know a Chinese font contains thousands of characters. How to quickly find the sample characters is important for me.

The search field searches glyph names, not for characters. If you want to get to the glyphs corresponding to those characters, why not type them in Edit View with the Text tool (T)?

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Thank you very much!!!

Also you might find it easier to put your radicals into separate glyphs and combine them that way. I’m a long, long way from being able to do a kanji font, but if I was, I would probably start by putting together a custom Groups.plist to hold the radicals.

(PS: @GeorgSeifert: I tried this, but Glyphs does not maintain the order of my characters; instead, it re-sorts them in Unicode order. It would be better to keep them in the order I put them in the file, which is stroke order, because that makes it much easier to find them. Is there any chance you could respect the order of glyphs in Groups.plist?)

Even if you need to copy-paste and then edit rather than use them as components (you will generally need to tune your radicals when combining them into a single character), having the radicals in an accessible place would probably make them easier to access.

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I will try it. Thank you very much!!!

The groups.plist implementation needs some fixing. Please use a list filter for now.