Can't undo a "Enable Automatic Alignment"

If I have a glyph composed of components, and I enable automatic alignment on a component, I can’t undo that afterwards. If I try Undo, nothing moves.

You mean move back into the previous position before aligning?

Thats right

This is still an issue, happens also when I decompose a glyph and the components shift due to automatic alignment, I can’t undo that decomposition.

Same issue when I revert file, those things just all end up in the wrong place.

I just tried in the latest cutting edge version and it seems to work for me. Can you send me a screencast what exactly you are doing? Maybe you use a different code path?
And what version did you try?

Hi Georg, here is the video , and I will email you the relevant file, I’m on Version 2.5.2 (1169) in High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G65)

Thanks for the file and the video. I fixed the decomposition problem.

This is a similiar or perhaps a same case on Version 2.5.2 (1169)
switching between Enable & Disable Automatic Alignment works only as a menu only!!
After disabling I cannot change any component position though.

I don’t understand. Can you make a screencast?

If I delete a component that was not automatically aligned, then paste on that ends up being automatically aligned, I can’t undo either.