Can't unlock global guideline

I can;t select it Version 2.4.2 (986)

Right click with your mouse cursor hovering over the lock icon on the guideline. There should be an Unlock Guide option in the context menu.

Doesn’t show up for me in some guidelines, in others they do

Yes. The guide needs to be selected — or you click exactly on the lock icon.

In Glyphs 2.4.2 (986), it’s not possible to select a locked guide even when attempting to select the lock icon. If that’s not intentional, then it’s a bug.

Locked guides can’t be selected. That is the hole point of locking it.
Is there anything else than the guide like a component or image?

Sounds exactly like the issue I had recently … It appeared, disappeared, appeared without any observable causes. Currently it works fine here.

Sorry to be dragging this topic up from the past, but I seem to have the same problem in Version 2.4.2 (1060). The problem seems to have appeared “over night” - I can’t recall if this has changed since the last time I’ve update Glyphs. I’ve today updated a plugin, but it’s not active (I’ve deactivated most other plugins to test, without affect on the problem).

Both local or global guidelines can’t be unlocked by right-clicking on the lock icon. The context menu that appears when right-clicking is simply the same as if I’d be right-clicking anywhere. Happens for new files as well. Right-clicking guidelines to access the respective context menu works fine until I lock them.

Do you have a background image in the glyph?

At least in the completely blank file I tried there certainly wasn’t.

Using the same version here. I just tested for the problem using a new file and the guideline locks work as they should. I have four (4) plugins active.

What language do you use for the UI?

English for me.

English as well.

I’ve tried to run Glyphs in a completely Plugin free state (I renamed the Plugins folder in Application Support and restarted) and the issue persists. Mac version is 10.12.6 (16G29), if you need any other library’s versions or other debug info let me know how I can provide it.

Slowly but surely those locked guidelines are starting to clutter my files… is there anything I could try to get to unlock them somehow?

You can write a small script that does this.

I just had a look at this again. I can’t find any problem. Did you try to remove all plugins and restart Glyphs? Maybe one is interfering?

As I mentioned, I renamed the entire Plugins folder, then restarted, alas no plugins active.

Here a screencap of the problem, Glyphs Version 2.5b (1073) now.

I cannot reproduce this. Which OS are you running? Are you using a Wacom tablet?