Cap and Corner Components export error

Hey all,

So I’ve just tried testing my latest font in Adobe Illustrator and noticed something weird going on with the Cap Components as well as Corner Components on glyphs that are made up of other components that have been mirrored (eg: the d is just a b component mirrored). The Corner Components on the original glyphs look fine.

Here’s some screenshots of the drawings for reference:

Can anybody tell me what might be causing this?


Are the errors also appearing in the Preview pane within Glyphs?
Does changing the left/right alignment on the component fix the issue?
What do your caps and corners look like: where are they in relation to the origin, and are you using anchors?

Can you send me the file (to support at this domain)?

Which app version?

Sent :slight_smile:

Version 2.4.1 (965)

I just uploaded a new (cutting edge) version that should fix this problem.

Hey Georg,

I just downloaded the new cutting edge version and tested again but I’ve still got the same problem. Here’s a quick video to demonstrate:

I exported the font twice (once with Remove Overlaps unchecked then with it checked), just to show that the font was updating in the AI file.