Cap component calculation changed

The font I made with cap components (in G2) are now twisted and I cannot recreate the same shape (the black one is the intended shape). The bottom guys are identical, but I would assume other bits are no longer the same in more subtle ways.

I wasn’t expecting this change and it’s actually pretty urgent. How can I get it back? Using G2 would be fine, though I think it doesn’t run on my ARM Mac and not a viable solution in the long run.

スクリーンショット 2021-06-09 21.14.58

Actually, never mind. Switching the alignment sides fixed the issue.

EDIT: No actually, there are cases where none of the three options match the original. Help!

There is a new mode how to set up the alignment anchors in the _cap glyphs that gives more control. Can you send me the file?

Thanks, DM sent!

I fixed it.

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