Cap component position

Hello! I’m wondering whether there’s a possibility to update the cap component mechanism. In the following image, I needed to draw the Khmer terminal upside-down, below the baseline, in order for it to join correctly to the base glyph on the left. I’d prefer to be able to draw the terminal the right way round, at the right height (as in the last contour).

(Also, outside corners on these cap components sometimes get filled black.)


You can use an origin anchor for moving it away from the origin point. No solution yet for the upside down problem, sorry.

(I guess I could solve this with a plug-in, but it would require intermediate glyphs and that would make it too complicated. Or maybe an “upsidedown” layer that gets live-translated to the mirrored cap.)

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I’m working on the corners/caps right now. I hope to be able to fix this.


Great :slight_smile:

While you’re looking at this, there’s some bug that deletes the cap component when doing ‘swap with background’, even if the cap component is duplicated in foreground and background.

(EDIT> when doing a swap, the cap component seems to forget where it’s supposed to be attached, and goes haywire, inserting itself in the middle of other curve segments.)

Fixed it.

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