Cap components interpolation broken

I have glyphs in my design that render faulty when interpolated from otherwise interpolating components. Interestingly, also the decomposed copy of the glyph is interpolating just fine.

Cap components:

The faulty glyph, see the interpolations at the bottom between the 4 masters:

And interestingly, the same glyph duplicated and manually decomposed (everything interpolates):

The exported files have the same interpolation issue in the component-glyph (n) but the outlines are fine in the duplicated and decomposed glyph (mapped to m here):

It seems whenever I return to try using components the same weird bugs are around to put a damper on an otherwise cool feature… Screenshots taken in 3.1.1 (3139).

Here a file for testing.
caps-debug.glyphs (53.8 KB)

Any idea what’s going on here?

Hi, maybe check out this thread: Cap components morphing at certain axis coordinates - #8 by SCarewe
Adding anchors as described in the thread might help.

Cheers, that works indeed!

But, how does this work? @GeorgSeifert
Should my old “origin” anchors be removed? Are they no longer needed at all?

Better use node1 and node2 anchors for caps. A tutorial for caps is in the works, but you can find info in the release posts in the News section

The Handbook also contains up-to-date information on configuring cap components.

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For posterity, this news.