Cap components morphing at certain axis coordinates

Hello. Below is a screenshot of all the axis coordinates where the cap component somehow misaligns. All other instances are fine.

My setup:

What am I doing wrong? Thank you!

Which settings does the cap have? Fit? Align? And did you verify the path direction of the host path?

And check the scaling in each master.

You checked it personally yesterday :wink: It doesn’t only happen in the d, but other glyphs as well. I will need to check whether it only happens in glyphs with nested components (d with _d.stem, n with _n.stem, etc). Will have a look later, or I can show you in 10 minutes anyway :grin:

Okay, it seems to be caused by the nodes 1 and 2 not being aligned at the baseline. They were a bit higher in the Black master:

Which anchor can I add in order to control this more securely?

The start and end of the path should not be at the same position than the anchors. Will check for more details later today.

To be save, you can add “left” and “right” anchors to define the direction of the intended in- and outstroke.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-01 um 22.19.33

Thank you, this works very well as a security measure. For reference, I found this in one glyph:

Adding “left” and “right” (in addition to “origin” which was already added) worked:

Same issue, more examples.