I am trying to create the butt stroke in the cap components for the Arabic sript. However it is not working.
I have tried reversing the strokes.
I followed the tutorial step by step but still no luck, any advice?


Make sure the path direction is correct: Paths > Correct Path Directions (Cmd-Shift-R). The screenshot indicates it is CW, but it should be CCW.

Hi, thank you for the quick reply
I tried that but now it is showing me this :see_no_evil: (note attached)

I suspect the path direction or anchors in the cap are the wrong way around.

You need to orient the cap path differently.

I need to update the Arabic tutorial then. You used to be able to trick it with the origin anchor into the upright position.

Right, it still works. But then you also need a “left” anchor.

Thanks for your replies!
It did work but it seemed I had to move the left anchor manually to make it work perfectly. Note attached :slight_smile:

Leave the left anchor where I shoed it. Then select the corner component and click the X alignment in the info box.

Hey I went through the tutorial and read here but couldn’t understand how to fix

Wrong path direction?

You mean glyph or _cap? I’ve tried both ways.

move the path so that the origin anchor is at 0, 0.

In addition to that I had to rotate the path 90 degrees. Its vertical now. Is this feature only applicable towards to the right?

Set is up like this:

Nope that messed up the curves. Anyways i’ll stick to the previous one, thanks

Can you send me the messed up version?


I see the problem. I’ll have a look.

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