Case sensitive forms

Hi guys,
my glyphs file contains uprights and italics together. But when I want to shift the position of some symbols using OT Feature CASE it works only for uprights, but not for italics. The position in Italics is not centered.
How should the code look like?

Thank you in advance!

You shift it with a pos rule? Then you either need to write a different case feature (including the horizontal pos shifts) for the italics, and replace it with the Replace Features parameter in the italic instances. This works only with static fonts. Or, you make use of sub rules rather than pos, and simply adjust the .case glyphs accordingly.

Yes Rainer, I used pos rule.
but how can I write another case feature just for the italics?

With Replace Features Parameter.

Can I find somewhere how this code should look like? (I’m not good in coding)
I know where to write it but I’m not sure what exactly should be written there.

pos @glyphsToCase <30 120 0 0>;

30: horizontal move
120: vertical move
You may need to use different values for each instance, or different pos rules for different glyphs even. And again: this will not work for variable fonts, only for static fonts.

it shows this

case; pos ....

Thank you Rainer!