Category sort order (XML-file)

I’m currently working on my own ”GlyphData.xml”. How can control the sort order for each category? Let’s say I wan’t them to appear in alphabetical order? How should I name them if I want my own category ”Dashes” to appear before Punctuation?


You cannot have private categories.
Citing the tutorial:
Possible values are: Letter (letters like ‘x’ or ‘ä’), Number (figures like ‘3’), Mark (e.g. the acute mark), Punctuation (like the period or the comma), Separator (like the wordspace), Symbol (like the Emoji signs, arrows or the Radioactive symbol).

There is a sortOrder attribute though, you can find all the details in the tutorial.

You can’t change the order of the categories. Only the order of the glyphs inside.

Why not enable the possibility to set the sort order for categories? It would really help me out.

(I’ll put it on my wish list…)


The possibility of sorting the order in categories is on my wish list too!