Center glyph in edit mode

Careful: newbie.
When e.g. creating a dot how can I center it within the frame/borders? For now I create two rectangles reaching out over the full width/height and use the vertical/horizontal align tool. Any bette way?

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If you need it often, there are scripts for centering in these repositories:

You can also use metric keys, which usually makes more sense in type design. See the Handbook or the Spacing tutorial for details.

Thx mekkablue. But both center only horizontally … and how can I make them persistent? Scriptwindow?

To what do you want to center the path vertically?

The cap height? In the grey info box, set your transformation origin to center, and type half the cap height in the y field.

I’m designing icons and use font since they are scalable (like font awesome). All icons must appear (optically) horizontally aligned.

Your hint involves calculating which is also not really convenient. But thx anyways!

Horizontally or vertically aligned?

Optical aligning must be done manually anyway, and cannot be calculated. And you need a reference font to which you want to align vertically.

You don’t need to calculate much. It you want to center on the cap height, put its value + / + 2 (e.g., 700/2) in the y value filed.

But as Rainer said, you need to do that for each glyph and ajust it manually anyway. And some of them might better sit on the baseline.

… ok, thanks Georg.