Certain glyphs not exporting

I have a group of glyphs which are not exporting, even though everything seems to be right with them. I have lead-in strokes for lowercase i, r and s, but only the initial r works when exported.
All initial glyphs work in the calt feature in Glyphs, (shown top).
Bottom type shows generated font in InDesign. I want all initial glyphs in Contextual Alternates rather than having to activate separate Init feature.

Does this also happen in other applications? Try for example in Glyphs with WindowText Preview to see if the correct glyphs are used there.

Are you sure the glyph are not exported? It might be that the feature it not applied correctly.

I had a problem with a font window crashing the program but it’s OK now.

The correct glyphs are in the Text Preview window.

Please ignore this thread. The InDesign file was using an earlier Variable font and I hadn’t realised.