Change .altX to .ss0X globally

I created a font with Fontself for a quick import, draft and like to improve and optimise it in Glyphs 3.

I created various alternate glyphs. Fontself uses the naming .alt1 .alt2 etc. for the alternates by default. When installing the Fontself exported opentype font, Adobe CC 2022 lets me choose the alternate(s) by selecting the character with a visual overlay underneath. After saving the font in Glyphs that feature is not available in Adobe CC. The alternates appear only in the Glyphs window of the Adobe CC apps. When renaming in Glyphs 3 the alternate glyphs from .altX to .ss0X it will work but it needs me to change the naming on many various places such as in every alternate and in the kerning pairs… Is there an easy way to change the names .altX to .ss0X globally?.


Select the glyphs in Font View and press Cmd+Shift+F.

Thanks, thats great for renaming the alternate glyphs. but the exisiting kerning pairs are still related to the old names .altX which don’t exist actually after a renamig to ss0X.

Theoretically you can open .glyphs file in a text editor and rename “.altX” to “.ss0X”. At your own risk…

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Thanks. I’m trying this on a backup file and report.

Worked! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Kerning pairs shouldn’t be impacted by renaming glyphs. Or do you have the kerning as plain feature code in Font Info > Features?

No, I do not have the kerning pairs as plain code in the Features tab. But the kerning is broken for all alternates with changed names from altX to ss0X when using the font. The kerning pairs and spacing is referring to the old names altX. The hack with search/replace in a texteditor did fix it for me. Thanks

I guess you’re using the glyph names as kerning group names, and changing the group names in the info box? In that case, you should change group names in the kerning window where it asks you whether you want to affect the change to all pairs with the same group name. (@GeorgSeifert By the way, this function affects only the current master. Shouldn’t that be all masters?)

Yes, Fontself uses the glyph names as kerning group names. Changing the group names in the Kerning Window works as you described. Thanks!

Or just leave the group names as they are.