Change components position

Making a font I give to a component the “a” position. Now I have to change its position to “0”. How can I change it, without lost all the anchoring to the other letters? thanks!

Not sure I understand what you mean. If you have set anchors in the original glyph, that should not be a problem.

The letters of my font are made by a circle (the “a” component, which I want move to another position “zero”) applied to different drawings. So a+draw1 make “A”, a+draw2 make “B” …etc. When I change the position of the component “a” to “zero” all the letters lose their connections with “a”. How can I update them with the new position of the circle component “a”?

can you send us the font or at least a screen shot?

You can either do it manually (if you only have a few compound glyphs): just click on the missing base glyph, and in the grey info box (cmd-shift-i), type the name of the new base glyph.

Or you can do it in Font tab & list view, there is a column called components. You can simply overwrite the component names in there.

There is also a script in my GitHub repository, called Replace Components. It replaces components in selected glyphs. You can find it on