Change font details according to different combinations

hey,guys,do not know if it is possible to change letter details in glyphs according to different combination.(sorry, i am new to glyphs)

for example, in my font, putting “a” and “n” together is quite nice, but when i combine “u” and “n”,n looks much bigger than u, so is there anyway to change “n” when it is with u,to make it a variable so it fits

thank you so much!

You can do that. You draw an alternate n (call it n.alt) and add this line to the calt feature

sub u n’ by n.alt;

But maybe your u is just to small?

Agree with Georg. It’s probably just that your u is not good enough. You can resort to tricks like contextual alternates as he explains, but I guess you will end up doing tons of it and lose control. It depends on the project, but getting basic shapes as right as possible without local change is a very important process in type design.

appreciate!i am trying to find ways to uniform them first, and then the altnate will be a back-up solution.
by the way, i like glyphs!