Change Glyph Name

Is it possible to change the name of a glyph?

Glyphs does not let me change the ‘d’ to ‘s’… I need to cut the glyph and paste it in the correct box…

If you don’t need the s you already have, just delete it (or rename it to something like s.old) and that will free up the slot for your renaming.
But you can also select paths, copy them, then switch to the s slot and paste them.

Yes, I get that, BUT… (drum roll)… I did not yet create the s glyph, so the system is warning me about a glyph that does not (yet) exist…

There should be an empty “s” when you start a new font.

Well, to check out the ‘trace’ plugin, I just started a new font. I got the page with the glyph boxes, added my artwork and traced. All glyph boxes were empty and I got the warning that an ‘s’ was already there (it was not).
I then deleted the empty s box so the alphabet was s-less. After that, I could rename the glyph.

I figured that an empty glyph box was in fact empty. It seems that it is not.

Glyphs can’t have empty boxes, just glyphs without outlines.

ahhh, ok. Thanks for that insight, Georg!

As I have said before, I am learning Glyphs as fast as I can, but my head is still doing Fontlab stuff.

Right, FontLab didn’t auto-populate a new file at the start. Those were the times!

They still don’t.