Change handling of Plug-in aliases?

Hi, did you change handling of Plug-in aliases?

When I put Plug-in packages outside of “Application Support/Glyphs/” and make aliases in the Plugins folder, Glyphs2.6.3 seems to not load Plug-ins.

In addition, loaded plug-in names were enumerated in MACRO panel while Glyphs start up, however the latest version does not.

Still works for me. Perhaps you have a broken plug-in that makes the loading of the others fail.

Not sure what you mean with enumeration…?

The plugins where not supposed to show up in the Macro panel.

Thank you for your responses. I will double-check my environment.

Wait a minute, which operating system version are you using?


Glyphs only loads the top alias sorted in Plug-ins folder, doesn’t following aliases. So I removed the top and starts Glyphs again. The second item ( it is sorted at the top now) is loaded, but followings are not.

I can see all plug-ins installed in the the plug-ins folder in the add-on panel in Preference, but they does not appear as menu items.

There must be something else going on then. I have the same system and practically all my plug-ins are placed as aliases in the Plugins folder.

Something happening in when you start Glyphs?

Have you installed any custom python version?

I am using Python 2.7.15 in default and also using 3.7.1 on virtual environment.

Can you set “Use System consol for script output” in preferences. And then restart Glyphs and see if anything is in

An error seems to happen in the while loading my plug-in. Could you give anything advices to fix it ?

And this is the plug-in, (19.5 KB)

The plug-in loads for me and places a menu item in the Edit menu. When I run it, a Vanilla window is opened.

What do you expect and what happens instead?

There are two problems with other plugin four line above the selection. Can you remove them and check if everything else start working?

Rainer, please remember my open topic, that is the issue I want to solve.

Georg, yes, I can remove them. But this is the local path that I put my plug-ins to sync with my git hub repo, and then I make their aliases into ~/library/Application Support/Glyphs/plug-ins. The former version accepted that.

That has nothing to do with the aliases.
I suspect that the two plugins cause a problem that makes all other plugins fail, too. Finding the “offending” plugin is a bit a needle thing…

Eventually, I could solve this problem.

I could not find any wrongs in contents or scripts inside plug-ins. I copied plug-ins to other place, and copied back the original place. And then I made their aliases into Glyphs/plug-ins folder again. They were loaded while starting, they appears as pull down of the menu.

I am not sure what is reason, anyways, thanks so much for your support.

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