Change Keyboard Shortcut?


I’d like to change the keyboard shortcut for the pen tool § to (F). That’s how I have it set up in Illustrator and I’d like to keep it consistent. Is there a way to do this?


I am afraid not. Just out of curiosity: why F?

I work on a macbook using the track-pad (no mouse!) F is near V for the select tool (both Glyphs and Illustrator) so I can reach all the most used shortcuts with one hand. P is all the way to the right of the keyboard.

You could create a keyboard layout where you exchange F and P for each other :slight_smile:

Should be pine apter a short adjustment feriod.


Very punny you guys!

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What is the best solution for switching the tool keybindings now? I have the same exact use case and want to switch between pen and edit with my left hand.

Try the mekkablue script App > Set Tool Shortcuts.

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Run this in the macro panel: Glyphs.defaults["DrawTool.Hotkey"] = "f"


Thanks @mekkablue and @GeorgSeifert! This is amazing