Change Metrics but keep composites untouched

Is there a way to change the metrics of multiple glyphs but keep their composites in place? For example, I would like to add RSB and LSB to the lining figures via transform filter, but keep the tabular figures (which are components of lining figures) in place.
More complex: inferiors are outlines, superiors are composites (but shifted), fractions are composites of inferiors and superiors. How to add the same RSB and LSB to all of them, whithout double shifting? Automatic alignment is disabled for design reasons.

The best solution seems to be just typing =+30 (for example) in the information box instead of going to Transformation filter.

Isn’t that only working for composites? I want to change the metrics of the base glyphs, but keep the composites.

I see, I was thinking the other way around. Actually I decompose in those cases in order to make sure.

As for inferiors/superiors and fractions, I just make them the same, especially if they are components with only height difference. Why would you want to make them different?

Yes, I do usually the same. But at the moment I have an existing font file and just want to change the metrics, without decomposing or changing anything else.