Change Metrics in percent

I would like to increase the metrics of a whole font in percentage of the original values. Is this possible?

E.G. raise by 10 percent, so the a metric value of 10 becomes 12, while the value 50 becomes 55 …

THX for reply!

I never needed it (to increase the tracking, absolute values are better) but I can add this option.

The result could be rounded,
automatically or per hand.

Anyhow, that would be great, THX!

It is not a rounding problem. If you have a “i” and “icaron” the side bearings of the “i” might be 30 units and the of the “icaron” -10 (if you have a wide “caron”). If you now increase the spacing by 20 %, the “i” will get 36 and the “icaron” -12. So the width of the “icaron” will become smaller.

Since this is neither needed very often nor advisable (I agree, absolute values are better), this is the classic case for a quick script. Paste this script into your Macro Panel, select the glyphs you want to manipulate and hit the Run button in the Macro Panel.