Change Numbers sets automatically

Hey guys,

Is it possible to make my Bilingual font (Hebrew+English) change numbers set according to each language?
I want to make 2 sets of numbers, one adjusted for the Hebrew height, and one adjusted for the English Caps.
And make the font change between them automatically.

How do I supposed to make the Hebrew specific numbers? I know that most of the Hebrew type designers use the small caps numbers as the Hebrew Numbers but I guess that there is a more pleasing solution.

P.s. Sorry for the messy English, I’m not a native :blush:



You could add localized alternates for that. name the Hebrew numbers one.loclIWR ....

yay! thanks :smile:

Another question in the same context:
Most of the time in Hebrew we use the Maqaf-hb as our hyphen, but there are times when you need the hyphen to appear (like between sentences) and times when you need the endash to appear (like in years range).

I started with “sub hyphen by maqaf-hb;” inside locl
now I want to make an exception: “space maqaf-hb space” → “space hyphen space”
and another exception to change maqaf-hb to endash between range of years.
all of those should be relevant only when you type in Hebrew.
Is it feasible?

Thanks :slight_smile:


This is possible. Something like this (typed in Safari):

ignore sub hyphen' space;
sub hyphen' by maqaf-hb;

And just leave the endash. The user should type it if he needs one, don’t try to correct typing errors with OpenType.

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You could add localized alternates for that. name the Hebrew numbers one.loclIWR

But is this supported in any apps? The numbers do not have the Hebrew script in Unicode, so a feature registered under script hebr and language IWR is not applied to them. And you can’t register language IWR under the DFLT script, the Adobe FDK at least doesn’t allow it.

The script of the numbers are not used, it is the script of the text (as set by the user) that is used. It works in Indesign but not in a browser.
But I have seen people have alternate space and hyphens for Arabic. So it should work.

I would advise against changing every instance of hyphen to maqaf automatically, since these two marks are sometimes used in different contexts. For example, תל־אביב-יפו in which the maqaf is used to connect the first two words and the hyphen is used to keep the first and last words as two separate expressions.

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