Change preview text ttf

Hey guys
for sure someone of you had the same issue, but I don’t know how to name the problem so its hard to find answers in the forum to my problem.
How can I change the type preview text, which shows up after exporting the typeface. And how can I get rid of all the glyphs, which show up in the preview but they are actually no part of the typeface. In my case all the uppercasee letter are shown, but they are not part of the font.


Thanks for your help.

This is called QuickLook. It will show fallback letters from a system font if you don’t have any of these letters in your font. But my advice: don’t waste your energy on fixing the QL preview. It is handled by the system, and it is cached, and therefore unreliable. And it doesn’t matter.

Test your font in web browsers and (available for free from this website), and in Adobe apps if you will.