Change the general category view

I recently opened an old font (.otf-file) and worked in it. Now (almost) all glyphs are “manually sorted”.

How can I change this or have it structured automatically? Only new glyphs are sorted e.g. under “Numbers” or “Symbols”. (The “trick” with cmd-alt-I does not help!)

Select a glyph, then on the menu, Glyph > Update Glyph Info. That should fix everything.

Do you have a “glyphOrder” parameter in Font Info > Font?

That’s it …! THANK YOU! (Is this setting/parameter actually needed for anything?)

Only if you need to keep the order of the glyphs.

But it is not relevant for the use of the font or its compatibility?

not at all. Only the first has to be the .notdef and it is recommended that space is second. But Glyphs is moving them on export.