Change which instance is shown in Preview Panel

Is there a way to control which instance is shown in the Preview Panel from a script?

I’d like to write a script that allows me to scrub with a slider to quickly move between the different instances. Quicker than choosing from the dropdown.

Never mind, found it in the docs.
For future reference, it’s previewInstances in the docs.

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Something that may help is a peek inside the scripts Show Next/Previous Instance in the mekkablue scripts.

Do you have your scripts or plug-ins on GitHub? We can add them to the Plugin Manager.

@mekkablue Thanks, I’ll have a look and compare it with my implementation. I solved what I intended to do, but I’m sure there are prettier implementations :slight_smile:

Here’s the script: Instance Slider For Preview Panel


Here are my the rest of my scripts:

Feel free to add them to the Plugin Manager.