Changes from auto-alignment

As I opened a .glyphs file on Glyphs today, this window appeared:

What should I do? I mean, is this just a warning or will it change anything? I have used RMX Tools to change the width of some glyphs of a font I’m drawing, previously, but this is the first time I got this warning. (And I have just updated Glyphs to the latest version earlier.)


The algorithm for auto alignment was singly changed recently. In most cases you like to keep auto alignment active. If not, this window will give you a chance to disable is and keep the state from your old file.

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So, to keep auto-alignment active, I just check all the boxes and then ‘keep selected’? (No problem in changing anything on my bold master, since I haven’t set spacing correctly there yet.)

No, “Keep” means you keep the position. It seems that I need to improve the wording :wink:

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Thanks, Georg! :blush:

Also, consider adding text indicating the .glyphs file with the warnings. I often have multiple .glyphs files open, so upon a restart (e.g., during a Glyphs version update), it’s not clear which file the warnings are about.

I’m assuming the current numbers for component alignment adjusted are deltas, e.g., Component: examplename (-5, 4) in glyphname (layername) meaning the examplename component was shifted by -5, 4. Might be possible to make that a tiny bit more clear. Also, the line lengths in that window went beyond the right edge of the window. Since left-right scrolling isn’t enabled in that window, I had to widen the window to see all the text. fyi.

Reported a few related crashes.