Changes to .otf file are not saved when exporting

Hello, I am having issues when exporting an .otf file. Any changes that I make to the font are not being saved. [I have attached wetransfer link that demoes the issue]

I am applying colour fill to an individual element and then I proceed to export options. When I press export, the file replaces the old one and I am sure that it does, because when clicking Get Info, the date that this file got modified is updated. But when I open the new replaced file none of the modifications I have made appear. Am I missing something?

I have scrolled through numerous forum posts, and I have checked similar issues, like the cache ones, but I do not think that this is the case here. I am in trial mode.

Attached .mov file for reference: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

Where are you opening/checking the exported font?

Do you use FontGoggles for example? If not, you should :wink:

I didn’t watch the video before my first answer. Now I did. I think you are confusing OTFs with workfiles.

You need to save the file as a .glyphs file in order to store data like color or basicaly anything. You cannot open and modify a OTF file directly.


Please also see this tutorial:

I was about to mention that, too. I have saved the project as a .glyphs file. Still, If I export that file into an .otf file, I do not get any updates whatsoever, aka the notation program I’m using the glyphs for, does not render the colours.

Also this program is compatible with “reading” colour tags, If I can say so. Sorry If I am being stupid, I am a newbie haha

Did you also read the tutorial about color fonts? I would recomend that, too. Then you’ll have a better understanding of what happens (or not happens, yet).

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Before the export of the color font, you need to add an additional parameters that store the color data. There are different tutorials (SVG using Color layers, CPAL/COLR using Color Palette layers) for that depending on the strategy you chose.

In the case you use Color layers (SVG strategy):
Open the Font Info → Exports → select your instance on the left side → Custom Parameters → add the parameter called Color Layers to SVG. After that your exported otf file will support color in Adobe applications and in some (but not all) web browsers.

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Thank you both for responding! I will try your recommendations and I will be back soon eventually to let you know how I am progressing.