Changes upon opening file

This issue has been around for a while now for me…

Every time I open a file, doesn’t matter if it has been saved the day before or just a minute ago, there seem to be changes, within the file, without me even doing anything… this can be very confusing and creates a lot of uncertainty.

Is there any way to prevent this from happening?

.glyphs files are text based, so you can use a diff tool to find out what exactly has changed.

I know the diff tool option, I just find, it’s not a good thing, that things within the font get changed upon opening a file. As long as I don’t change anything myself, the file should close without save dialogue…


How do you notice there are changes? And have you tried with the most recent beta? There was a related issue some time ago that was fixed recently.

When I open a file, some glyphs are marked gray, as the indicator for worked over glyphs is. When I close the file, without having made anything, the save dialogue pops up.

I can not recall, when I had the last version of glyphs, that didn’t have this issue… I’m pretty sure it has something to do with metrics or auto alignment

The 2.3 betas have some nasty problems properly opening stuff that was set up in an older version of Glyphs. For a while it was working, but 874 or 875 broke again.

There are some issues with rounding that keep produce changes. The file will most likely be the same.

Could you provide examples? I didn’t change something with the auto align in in those versions.

That was my first guess… still is a bit irritating sometimes. though I think the latest beta is doing a better job :slight_smile: