Changing Font Weight While Preserving Horizontal and Vertical Size of Glyphs

Fontographer had a nifty feature which allowed you to change the weight of a font while preserving the horizontal and vertical size. The result would be that the font would retain the same outer dimensions and the weight would increase or decrease by the change in the counters.

To my knowledge, the only way to change font weight is by using the Offset Paths filter and while it does a great job of offsetting the paths to affect weight changes, it actually changes the size of the letters. That means the only way to correct the new offset path is to uniformly scale the newly up or downweighted glyph up or down to fit in the same height.

Perhaps there is some alternate Transformation I’m missing or a script that may be better suited to this function/feature.

Many thanks in advance for your assistance all!

You want to look into @TimAhrens’ Remix Tools, or, to a limited extent, into the autostroke option of Offset Paths. Or simply scale your offset result back down again. IIRC, Fontographer doesn’t do anything but that.

The keep height and width option has a big limitation. It doesn’t work well with ascenders. If you change weight on a ‘o’ and ‘b’ the x-Height will not match any more.

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Thanks Gents!

FYI: While Remix Tools is amazing, the weight change option requires two compatible masters (it just does interpolation.) So, you’re still stuck with using the stroke path filter to generate your initial masters.

I don’t have it readily available at the moment, but in Fontographer: Type By Design – by Stephen Moye, he describes a scaling technique to achieve certain changes using only a single font. One of the changes was weight IIRC. I don’t remember ever trying it so don’t know how well it works.

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