Changing Glyph Order in App

Heu guys,

I am trying to figure out how to change the glyph order in the Glyphs App. I would like to have the non-component Latin characters listed first, and ordered next to each other, then have the component Latin characters afterward. It would make moving between main glyphs SO MUCH FASTER if I didn’t have to scroll through all the component glyphs first.

I am trying to use EditGlyphData app and TextMate to edit the glyph order, but I think I need to make separate sub category or script? Not sure, I’ve been using the articles and to try and figure this out.

So far I’ve made a copy of the Glyphdata.xml file inside Application Support / Glyphs / Scripts / Info (I had to create this folder). I tried changing the script name for A-Z a-z from Latin to Basic, hoping this would work…but alas, no change. I’m assuming I’m doing something wrong.

Yes, I’ve tried a custom glyph order as custom parameter and using the filters. The filters don’t change the order of the glyphs, so if I’m working with ‘i’ and want to ‘Show next glyph’ it uses the original glyph order, not the filtered one…so it would go to ‘iacute’ instead of ‘j’.

Any help here would be great! I want something more permanent so I don’t have to change glyph order every time I start something new.

You need to add a “glyphOrder” custom parameter.

I was hoping for something more permanent :tired_face:

What is not permanent with the custom parameter?

Fair, just that I wanted everything to stay in it’s group so A-Z a-z would be followed by their components, then small cap a-z would be followed by small cap components. With a Glyph order custom parameter everything just get bunched together at the top followed by the normal sorting. I like the groupings as they show up, with Latin, Number, etc and how each new section (Uppercase, Lowercase, Small Capitals) all start on a new line.

Make an ordered list, one glyph per line, of the exact order you want the glyphs to be in and paste that into your glyphOrder parameter.

Have a look at that tutorial:

Would it be possible to click and drag glyphs to rearrange the glyph order in the Font window?
That would be so much easier compared to going through lists of glyphnames, cutting and pasting.

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Clicking and dragging are occupied for the selection already. A text-based way has the advantage of easy transfer between files.

I understand that. Doing glyph ordering with not so obvious glyphnames gives me a headache though…

You know you can select all, right click, Copy Glyph Names > One per Line, then paste in a text editor and move around to your heart’s content.

Power user tip: in, TextMate you can select one or more lines and shift it up/down with Ctrl-Cmd-up/down arrows.

Yes, I’m using that functionality, still it can be quite a hassle moving back and forth between a text editor and glyphs and finding the right position in a long list of glyphnames.
What about a sort of ‘drag’ mode like for masters in the font info window? Click and hold for a second let’s you drag the glyph to another position.


I’ll think about it.

Exactly @Schmal that is my problem too, when you add a new glyphs then you have to go find the placement in the glyph info and copy it in the right place. Would be so much easier to be able to just move the glyphs in the order you want. Also when I create new glyphs, for example a set of punctuation marks for capitals, some of them go to the end of the Punctuation category, and some get put in the middle of it, so all the .uc marks aren’t all together. I can assign them a color that helps me but it’s really a hassle. Would be SO GREAT to just get to drag them into the order I want. Also by using the glyphOrder parameter you then take the requested glyphs out of their categories. Again, it would be nice to be able to control that as well.

Overall it’s nothing serious, just something to maybe keep in mind for those of us neat freaks that like our Glyph files ‘just so.’ :slight_smile:

I don’t see a need to complicate the app by adding code to drag glyphs around.

It’s actually pretty easy to control glyph placement using the built-in controls and a little effort on the user part. Decide on the encoding you wish to be your standard in a custom GlyphData.xml file and set your own sorting order in that file. Added alternate glyphs work as they should based on the built-in rules. I made mine several years ago and only rarely have to make changes to it.

In fact, Georg has provided a free app to edit that, which you can use if you prefer to not use a text editor.

I don’t have one particular ‘standard’ encoding. If the code that this functionality requires put a heavy strain on the app Georg should of course not include it. Otherwise I think it would be a welcome addition for more users.

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It might not be so much the strain it might add but Georg has to consider how much coding time would be required for the value returned.

Why do you need a custom order?

Ofcourse it’s entirely up to the gentlemen making Glyphs in what they invest their time. I’m merely pointing something out that would make my life, and presumably that of other Glyphs users, easier.

Because I don’t always find the standard of ordering of Glyphs logical.

any examples?