Changing glyph width in all masters

Is there any plug-in or filter that can change or set the width of a glyph in all masters at the same time? I know the transformation filter can do it but only a master at a time, right? Of course you can always type and select each master of the glyphs you want to change the width and do it, but I was just wondering if it could be done without the need to do this. Thank you!

Just the width value? That is a quick script. Put this in the Macro Window, select the glyphs you want expanded, and press Run.

for layer in Font.selectedLayers:
	glyph = layer.parent
	for glyphLayer in glyph.layers:
		layer.width += 50

Change the 50 to whatever you want to expand the widths by.


Yes! Just the width value! (testing tabular figures widths) I will try that! Thank you so much, Rainer! :heart:

For testing, you could add a Transformation filter in the instances.

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For tab figures, why not try width metrics keys? Like ==500, you can batch-set them in Font view.


How do I do that?

Excellent idea! Didn’t know much about metric keys! Thank you so much, Rainer! :heart:

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