Changing multiple glyphs size


I need to change the size of Arabic glyphs according to Latin glyphs! the Arabic letters looks bigger around 1pt.
Is there a way to scale up multiple glyphs?

Thank you.

Select them, and either scale with the Transformations palette in the right sidebar; or use Filter > Transformations > Transform.

Hi Mekka

Thank you for your replay,
I did it in your way, but It takes a very long time to maintain all the glyphs, especially connecting glyphs such as ـنـ , +ـكـ and other connected letters.
Is there a SMART or another fast way to do it?

Thank you,

With the transform filter, sidebearings are scaled as well. Shouldn’t mess with your connections.

Excellent, It did the trick.

Many thanks Mekka,

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