Character Randomization

Hey all, I’ve got a bit of a coding issue on my hands. I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to randomize the glyphs (or at least make substitutions so complicated they appear random) using calt code. The trick here is that the last letter typed should be the correct letter, but every other letter but the last should change upon a new glyph being added. Right now I’m using code like this,
sub @2@2 @1 by @3;
sub @1@1 by @2;

with each class having all the characters in a different order, but this only randomizes the second to last character typed, not the third.

Reverse lookups cannot go indefinitely. You have to do stuff like this:
sub @let@let @let @let by @alt1;
sub @let@let @let by @alt2;
sub @let@let by @alt3;

Add longer lines to the top. 60 or 70 steps back should suffice for an average line length.

Perfect! Thanks.

You can take a look in the Effects and Stylistic Sets scripts on for some Python code to produce the feature code, if you are so inclined. :slight_smile: