Characters not displaying in exported OTF

I exported my work-in-progress font to make sure everything was working properly, and I encountered a strange issue where the single and double quotes (’ and ") don’t display when I type them. In Microsoft Word and all other programs I tested, they are simply replaced with the same characters, but from a different font. I looked at the OTF file using UnicodeChecker, and it looks like the characters exported and actually exist, but for some reason they aren’t being used.

Sounds like a cache problem:

Are you using the Adobe Fonts folder to test your font?

It doesn’t seem to be a cache problem. I followed those instructions and I am still having the issue. Unfortunately, I don’t have Adobe Suite on my personal computer, so I can’t test it that way. Any other ideas?

Can you send the file to support at this domain, please.

Sorry, I’m new to this. Can you specify what you mean? You want me to send you the OTF?

You’re right. Send it to support@[the name of this website] and they will have a look.

No, your .glyphs file, please.