Characters to appear one below the other as you type

Hi, I have a typeface that works best when the characters overlap (i.e. one on top of the other), to note that all glyphs have a negative kerning on the left. So far each character appears above the last character entered as you type. I need to reverse this (permanently). So that the character goes behind the last one. Is this possible?

Can you make a sketch of what you mean?

Here is a screenshot:
Screenshot 2021-09-02 at 18.00.37
This will be a color font

This is not possible to control in a font. Most software will place glyphs on screen in sequence, thus covering previous glyphs with the glyphs after them.

And it wouldn’t make a difference as the white counters are just empty and not white. So you will always see the other outlines.

The only thing you can do is the make a lot alternate glyphs that cut out the shape of the preceding glyph.

You could do a CPAL/COLR color font. But you cannot control which letter is rendered above the other.

The color font is not helping here as most rasterizers are drawing from left to right, so it would look exactly the same.

The alternative glyphs that are cut out will not work if the user decides to increase the letter spacing. I will settle for more kerning and not letting the character by default overlap, which is not ideal but if there is no way to hard code this into the font so that the softwares can place them one behind the other, I will have to live with it. Thank you for your replies.