Characters with colored corner won't export?

Apologies, as I’m very new to this program. I’m having a problem where certain characters are shown with a pink-colored top left corner. I can’t figure out why this is occurring. However, when exported on a mac these characters will not appear.

Thank you for the help!

This is the incompatibility indicator. That means you are trying to interpolate between two drawings (masters) that do not have the same structure of paths, components and anchors, i.e., are not compatible. Read the chapter about interpolation in the handbook or the tutorial about keeping outlines compatible.

This design strikes me as hard to interpolate though. Did you add a second master by accident?

Thanks for the tutorial and letting me know what the indicator was trying to tell me, haha!

As I wasn’t attempting to interpolate between two drawings, I checked my preferences and it seemed that an extra instance had been added that didn’t correspond with my current masters. Deleting that fixed my exporting problem.