Checking & correcting stray metrics problems in composites

is there a script or sequence of scripts for reporting anomalies in metrics, and for correcting them? Examples: unwanted shift in x, one bad sidebearing, bad width. Related, possibly: I want to also get typical composites like Edieresis to be composed the sensible way: with E as base or first component, and dieresis as second. A metrics check might flag it as wrong width if it has the metrics of E but dieresis is the first component.

I can turn on Automatic Alignment for most of these problems, but that doesn’t actually check or report when metrics are wrong.

Writing script for it.

If you enable automatic alignment, the metrics will be correct. You can select all accented Glyphs and run Glyph menu > Make Component Glyph. That will rebuild (almost) all components correctly.

No, we have a reason to avoid automatic alignment in our project (legacy issue in a nutshell). We have to be absolutely sure which glyphs we are changing.

That is a reason then :wink: