Cherokee unicode export

I want to create a typeface for the Cherokee language, I have created a test symbol, 13A0 named it 13A0. When I export it, the unicode is lost.

I see it in illustrator under the glyphs menu but it says no unicode. It doesn’t show up when typed, and 13A1 my other test doesn’t even show up under the glyphs menu in illustrator.

Try naming it “uni13a0”. Then, you should see the Unicode value set in Font View or the upper right of the grey info panel in the Edit View for that glyph.

It looks like there may not be data in GlyphData.xml for Cherokee, yet. When that is added, you’ll also be able to use nice names for the glyphs with the Unicode value automatically assigned.

Thank you, it worked.

I added Cherokee to the Glyphdata file. So you will get nice names with the next update.