Circle Tool bug?

To Draw a perfect cirkel, I use the Circle Tool and I double click on the place where I want the cirkel.
A popup appears where I can set the metrics.

Mostly, the values are remembered from previous time, so I just have to press ‘enter’.

However, upon pressing enter, one circle is drawn, but the dialog box stays open. After pressing enter, I have to press ‘escape’ twice before I can continue working. I think this is a bug.

No need to double click. Just single click and you should avoid this problem.

@mattymatt: you’re right. Quick solution to avoid the problem, I should have thought about it and I will try to apply it. My double click is a habit from another app, I still don’t think Glyphs should ask for two dialogs on a double click

I kinda wish the dialog required a double click. I get the dialog popping up unwanted all the time.

I agree, the second click should expire after the first dialog.

Pro tip: this happens only after I accidentally switch to the Rectangle/Circle tool (with the shortcut). You can set a different (harder to access) shortcut for the tool. Easiest way is the mekkablue script App > Set Tool Shortcuts.

I fixed the duplicate dialog.

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