Class kerning preview

I’m playing with the new Fontlab a bit, and one of the features I like is the kerning classes preview panel. It’s handy to browse the classes with up and down arrows, and it will show you the overlay of exceptions too.

Of course it would be much more useful with context characters left and right, and the actual kerning value under the pair or something. So is there something like this for Glyphs? Maybe a plugin? :slight_smile:

Ok, I figured out, I simply need to turn “Show group members” on to get pretty much the same function. But I would still like to show custom text left and right of the pair :slight_smile:

You can just type whatever you like. And you can put stuff you need all the time in the Sample strings in preferences and add them quickly to the edit view by pressing cmd+opt+F.

Yes, I thought there would be a way to do it automatically. For example I’m cheking my classes. My preview is in UPPERCASE (not yelling here :slight_smile: ) It works for uppercase classes, but for uc to lc classes, I need to switch and type something else. So maybe there is a way to auto append uppercase, lowercase, numbers etc depending on the classes context.

Multiline preview would also work actually, if there was a special placeholder glyph that would default to selected pair in different places?
Like I have
where TA is the pair selected in the kerning window.

And when I get to
I only need to look at the lower line, without any further action :slight_smile:

There is a placeholder glyph. You can add one manually from the edit menu, or write /Placeholder in the preview strings.

Ah, I didn’t know that! But I miss two things there: it doesn’t seem to show group overlays, and it only shows the glyph to the right of the caret. So if I get to HOHO(Ta)NONO, the lower line shows hoho(a)nono, which is not of much use then :confused:

For getting kerning strings that will provide you with any combination your font file can offer, you could also give the »Kernkraft« plugin a try. Search for it in the Plugin Manager. I couldn’t make a proper documentation for it yet, but with a little trial and error I think it’s pretty self explanatory.

@GeorgSeifert could you add a right click option to the Show Group Members plugin so that user can choose Right side, Left side, or both sides? Thanks.