Classes assigned to a glyph

Maybe is a stupid question but I have a glyph that is in many classes and my font has a lot of classes and glyphs so Its a little complicate to know in what classes the glyph have been assigned. Is any way to have a glyph info detail that include what OT classes is in? Sorry for my english too.

Ale, when do you finally learn a little Python? :snake:
Paste this in the Macro Window and press Run:

print "Glyph Class Report for: %s" % Font.familyName
for thisLayer in Font.selectedLayers:
	thisGlyph = thisLayer.parent
	glyphName =
	containedInClasses = []
	for thisOTClass in Font.classes:
		if glyphName in thisOTClass.code.split():
	print "- %s: %s" % ( glyphName, ", ".join(containedInClasses) )

thanks sir, should I learn python or you should add all this scripts to the app and make it the best in the history? :stuck_out_tongue:

But adding to much stuff will bloat it and then it is to heavy to be great.

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