Classes not saved to UFO

I’m working on a UFO file (I have migrated my previous projects to Glyphs format, but for this project I need to be able to work from and exchange UFOs) and I wrote some features, but when I save the file and reopen it the features disappear. Is this expected behavior? My classes were saved, as well as me prefixes, but my features are gone—both the ones that were automatically generated and the ones that I wrote myself.

I am working off of the original GlyphsApp (Version 1.4.4 (599)), not the beta.


Can you send me the .glyphs file and the .ufo file?

He Georg, I sent you the files a couple of days ago, did you get them?

Sorry for not answering earlier. I can’t find your mail. Can you send it again.

I resent you the files. Thanks.

The problem was not the export. The features where all in the .ufo. But you used non braking spaced that actually broke the import. I fixed the import and added a error message for future failures.