Classes not showing

When using Glyphs (3.0.3) on my Macbook Pro (El Cap), classes won’t show up in the info panel:

I have Glyphs installed on my iMac as well (2021 version), and there they show up just fine.
What can this be? I use both machines…

Can you try the latest cutting edge version?

@GeorgSeifert - I had Clean my Mac installed, I removed it completely, then restarted my macbook, downloaded Glyphs and openend it. Then ran the updater and it didn’t want to update. Any suggestions??

And yes, I removed all files, including some last .plist files I found. I also zapped the pRAM.

You can try to download the latest cutting edge release directly and replace the Glyphs in your Applications folder with it:

@FlorianPircher - Hey Florian,
Just installed that one, checked if it really was 3.0.4 (it is), opened the font, checked font info and no, no classes are showing. Just like before… :worried:

I just tested the updater and it works fine. It might be a problem with the expired certificates in older versions of MacOS.

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@GeorgSeifert - Exactly, that’s it! I was heartbroken when, come September, my trusted Macbook saw danger everywhere! I installed some patch, which works, but it has some less desirable side-effects…