Clean quadratic paths

Hello, hope everyone’s doing fine and is healthy.
I am currently polishing some glyphs, so that the difference between the initial design and the TrueType conversion is not too extreme.
Sometimes when a glyph is converted into quadratic paths, there is an ‘‘extra node’’, which connects the nodes, if they are too far apart I’m guessing?

My question now if this should be avoided if possible?

As always thanks a lot!

Why do you convert your glyphs to TrueType manually?

The extra node is not an error, TrueType curves allow more freedom regarding the number of off-curve nodes that form a curve.

what I meant by converting to TrueType is converting certain letters into quadratic paths to check if the shape of the initial design stays consistent.

I see. The additional nodes are added so the original curve shape is followed more closely.

There is a custom parameter “TrueType Curve Error” which allows to set the conversion tolerance, but apparently it is only used during export, not during manual Quadratic conversion.

By the way, I have recently published a plugin for this, no need to convert it back and forth. It is available in the Plugin Manager, just search for Show TrueType Curves.


Does this only run on glyphs 3? Can’t seem to get it work…

It works both in Glyphs 2 and 3. Did you install it via the Plugin Manager? After installing it, it should be available at the menu View > Show TrueType Curves. Do you see it in the menu?

I get the message that the developer isn’t verified
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It works on my Glyphs 2:

@yoshiyaabiko Important: do not move the Show TrueType Curves.glyphsReporter file into the Plugins folder directly. Instead, double-click to open in Glyphs, click Install, and relaunch Glyphs to load the plugin.

@harbortype The package index for Glyphs 2 and 3 are managed separately. Currently the plugin is only registered in the Glyphs 3 package index. I can also add it to the Glyphs 2 index if you want.

Now it’s working. Thanks everybody

Ah, I didn’t notice there was a separate branch for Glyphs 2. I have just created a pull request.

I’m glad to hear it. Thank you @FlorianPircher for helping out. And I’m sorry the process was not so straightforward.

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