Clear app store install completely and install again issue

My copy of glyphs is not allowing me to save, giving me a “This copy of glyphs is not valid” message, even though I bought it at the app store.

When I log in as another user on my computer it works ok, but I would like to clear glyphs completely from my computer and install again from scratch so as not to have this issue on my user.


Did you try the test app I send you?

Sorry Georg, I haven’t received the test app, can you send again?

I tried upgrading to 1.2 on my notebook, thinking it would solve this issue, but unfortunately it didn’t.
Not sure how to fix this still.

I did send you a text app to you gmail address at the 14th? did you get it?

Got it, thanks, but it asked for a test account. It went right until the app store account dialog.